Shawn Mendes Released a New Version of “In My Blood,” But Fans Are Mad

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We know, we know… you can’t imagine a world where people are mad at Shawn Mendes, but that’s only because he’s kinda sorta perfect. However, the day has officially arrived and it’s all because the 19-year-old dropped a new version of his hit single, “In My Blood.” Uhh… WHAT?!

Usually, more versions of our favorite songs are a good thing, but apparently, some people are less than thrilled about this revamped track. You see, the Portuguese version was released specifically to support Team Portugal at the 2018 World Cup. Unfortunately, after he posted the new track on social media and after it was also posted on the Portuguese Football Federations’ YouTube account, the Canadian received a ton of backlash.

So, what exactly is the problem with the new version? Well, if you ask Portuguese soccer fans, they’ll probably say they love it! However, if you ask Brazilian soccer fans, many are up in arms over his choice to support Portugal over Brazil in the World Cup.

If you’re wondering why Shawn chose Portugal, though, it’s for good reason. Shawn actually is Portuguese, and his father immigrated from Portugal to Canada as a kid. Plus, Shawn’s been very open about the fact that he supports Portugal’s soccer team any chance he gets.

He once told Billboard, “I follow Portugal and England because of my parents, who are from the two countries. In the World Cup, I’m always cheering for Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is my favorite player and probably one of my biggest inspirations.” Well, there ya have it, folks!

Still, fans who are fully supporting Brazil’s soccer team feel somewhat betrayed, and they’ve taken to Twitter to express their disappointment in our sweet angel baby. Take a look:

Wow… those are some serious soccer fans! Hopefully, they can put this all behind them and continue to support his music because, let us be the ones to tell you… it’s GOOD. Like, really GOOD.