Fans Think Shawn Mendes Admits Love for Camila Cabello in New Song “Why”

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Shawn Mendes promised that Shawn Mendes: The Album is his most honest collection of songs yet and he did not lie. While the CD technically comes out tomorrow, some people got it early because it’s already the 25th where they live. Those lucky members of the Mendes Army have already been listening and analyzing, and their conclusion is that “Why” is about none other than longtime BFF/once-rumored girlfriend Camila Cabello. Not gonna lie — we actually kinda understand where this theory is coming from, especially after reading the lyrics.

The 19-year-old croons as the tune starts, “I know a girl, she’s like a curse / We want each other, no one will break first / When people ask about us, now, we just brush it off / I don’t know why we act like it means nothing at all / I wish that I could tell you that you’re all that I want, yeah.”

He then asks, “Why do we put each other through hell? Why can’t we just get over ourselves?”

Is this a nod to how he and Cam have been denying relationship rumors for years now? Perhaps.

Another telling lyric from “Why” is, “When I hear you sing, it gets hard to breathe / Can’t help but think every song’s about me / And every line, every word that I write / You are the muse in the back of my mind, oh.”

Whoever Shawn is talking about is obviously a singer, so that really narrows down the possibilities. Needless to say, fans already came up with a conclusion.

The teenager actually sent the 21-year-old the entire album before his family even heard it because he “treasure[s] her opinion.” Hmmmm…we wonder what she had to say when she heard this bad boy for the first time…