Shawn Mendes Wore Harry Styles Tour Merch That Was Gifted to Him by a Fan!

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A huge fan of Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles decided to make Shawn’s day recently by gifting him with merch from Harry’s tour, and it made our day, too. The fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @foundlovestyles, shared pictures of the epic moment when she gave the Canadian crooner his gift-wrapped present outside an airport terminal:

The generous fan shared pictures of Shawn holding his gift and, as you can see, Shawn is absolutely beaming in the pics. (And you gotta love him for that because at that point he had no idea what was in the bag — and, let’s face it, he’s probably received some pretty unusual gifts from fans over the years.)

But as it turned out, the gift was a yellow TPWK shirt from Harry’s tour! In case you’re not a Harry stan, TPWK stands for “Treat People with Kindness.”

But rather than just accepting the gift, Shawn was actually spotted WEARING the shirt the next day, AND he privately thanked his fan for the sweet gesture in a private DM.

Umm, does it get more adorable or amazing than that?!

It really was the perfect gift for Shawn, as he is a big Harry Styles fan, himself. The “In My Blood” crooner was recently spotted rocking out at the final show for Harry’s first solo world tour, so we know he means it when he said he “wanted one so bad.”

Hopefully, one of Shawn’s fans can find a way to gift Harry with some Shawn Mendes merch, that way this whole thing can come full circle and the two guys can share one of the most epic bromances we’ve ever seen!