Shawn Mendes Ruins Fan’s Marriage Proposal on the Radio

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Shawn Mendes was tasked with helping a couple get engaged live on the radio and things went horribly wrong. The “In My Blood” crooner was recently on a British radio show promoting his new music when the host gave him an incredibly important task — helping a listener named Rob propose to his girlfriend, Rebecca. The 19-year-old was totally game and soon enough he was FaceTiming with the girl as the cameras rolled.

Shawn was nervous, but also super excited as he asked Rebecca if she wanted to marry Rob. The brunette was conufused at first, but that quickly turned to distress and she began to yell at her boyfriend of three years, saying she hates public displays of affection and didn’t want a grand proposal. She also couldn’t understand why he got someone else to actually propose and made her anger pretty clear.

As you can probably imagine, the teenager awkwardly sat and watched as this whole thing went down. And, being the Canadian sweetheart that he is, tried his best to make Rob feel better after Rebecca hung up the call. He told him, “This is not gonna go live. It’s gonna be fine. She basically is just saying why don’t you ask her yourself? She’s not saying no. She’s nervous and scared. I promise you.”

But before you get too overwhelmed with empathy and secondhand embarrassment, let us just explain what happens next. Rob gives Shawn a piece of paper which read, “Roses are red violets are blue, dear Shawn Mendes we pranked you!”

DAFSKHFJFLHCAKCHJ!! Can you freakin’ imagine if the whole thing was real!? We’d LITERALLY die. Check out the whole prank above!