Shawn Mendes Contributes Thousands to Help Pay for Young Boy’s Funeral

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Shawn Mendes is a gift — period. When the 20-year-old musician heard about a young boy from his hometown of Pickering, Ontario, who tragically died recently, he was quick to jump in and make a massive financial contribution to help ease the family’s burden at this horrific time.

Deijomi Makela-Stewart passed away on August 16, 2018, and his family set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money to cover his funeral expenses. We are happy to report that the goal of $10,000 has been surpassed, largely in part to the “In My Blood” singer, who donated half of the needed funds — $5000 to be exact.

The donation page reads, “On August 16 2018 we lost our beloved son Deijomi. Please support our efforts in providing Deijomi the service he deserves and we thank you for your support during this challenging time. Also, please email the following email address for additional details of Deijomi’s service venue and post service celebration of life venue. We thank you again for your support and for loving Deijomi as we do.”

Shawn is, as a result of his contribution, being praised by fans who call him an “angel” and say “we don’t deserve” someone so sweet.

Shawn Mendes is actually perfect; WE MUST PROTECT HIM!