Shawn Mendes’ “Nervous” Video is the Cutest Dang Thing You’ve Ever Seen

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Hi hello, Shawn Mendes. We just wanted to say congratulations on Shawn Mendes: The Album and thank you SO much for actually killing us with your new “Nervous” vertical video!! It’s just what we needed before the holiday weekend.

We know what you’re thinking — ‘I gotta watch this video ASAP!’ And while we do agree, we have to recommend making sure you’re in a good mental state before clicking play. Why, you may ask? Oh, just because the 19-year-old is literally the CUTEST FREAKIN’ THING we’ve ever seen EVER and it may or may not make your heart stop briefly.

Be prepared: there’s also a very lucky (faceless) girl who gets to touch Shawn all over as he sings the Julia Michaels-written jam. You feel confident that you’ll be able to control your breathing, heart rate and vocal chords? Great! Go ahead and click play on Spotify and be sure to stream/download the album, too!