Shawn Mendes Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

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Shawn Mendes recently revealed the most embarrassing moment he’s ever experienced to Variety, and you’re probably already aware of it…

You may recall when Shawn COMPLETELY ate it after jumping from the stage during a show in Quebec back in July. As if the moment wasn’t embarrassing enough, a video of the awkward fall quickly went viral:

OUCH! Shawn admitted that the painfully awkward moment was the most embarrassing of his life, explaining, “I fell on my ass in front of 80,000 people… I was excited and I didn’t see how high I was jumping from, and Dave Grohl was on the side of the stage, watching. It was… amazing.”

Amazing is definitely one way to put it, and we’re so glad that Shawn can have a sense of humor about it because, let’s face it, most of us would’ve changed our names and moved to Sweden after experiencing something like that.