Shawn Mendes Responds to Fans Who Are Upset Over Pricey Meet & Greets

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Shawn Mendes is going on a massive tour next summer and that’s great and all, but what’s even better is that he’s also doing meet & greets at every show. Unfortunately, in order to have a one-on-one moment with the “In My Blood” crooner, you’ll have to dish out a pretty penny…$449 minimum, to be exact.

Members of the Mendes Army were pretty taken aback by these prices, although they also include a “premium” ticket to the concert, access to a Q&A session with Shawn, merch and lots more, and expressed their disappointment on social media.

The 19-year-old got wind that fans were upset and reached out to one in particular about the “upsetting” reaction.

“It’s so upsetting for me to see these tweets, just come see me at my hotel and ill take 10 photos for free,” he wrote in a direct message. “Ive always done that and always will. The m&g includes at 350 dollar guitar & ticket to the show and more but i see what your [sic] saying. Just try to see the entire picture tho u know.”

The fan apologized for upsetting him, but Shawn let her know that he just wants all his fans to be happy.

He said, “Spread the word of how i ALWAYS say stop and hang in public! Cuz thats the truth. I always will. I just read everything you kno. Im not upset I just want you guys to be happy.”

Protect him at all costs!