All the Cute Celebrities Who Look an Awful Lot Like Shawn Mendes

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With his open-mouthed smile, Shawn Mendes is basically the non-creepy version of Overly-Attached Girlfriend. Whether his lips are pursed together or not, though, he bears a striking resemblance to a handful of his fellow adorable celebrities. Here’s all the proof you’ll ever need:

Nick Robinson — The Jurassic World actor, and soon-to-be star of The 5th Wave, is like the movie edition of the “Stitches” singer. There is a God!

Brooklyn Beckham — Related AF.

Cameron Dallas — The Vine star is often compared to his pal because of their alike hair, eyes, eyebrows and, obvs, enthusiastic expression.

Gregg Sulkin — Though not stated quite as often, there’s a brother-like quality between ’em, don’tchya think?

Instagram (@greggsulkin)

Instagram (@greggsulkin)

Cory MonteithSigh, yes, ’tis true. Very true.

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