Shawn Mendes is Dropping His New Single, “In My Blood,” at Midnight!

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Shawn Mendes finally announced his brand-new single, and it’ll be pulsing through your ~blood~ very soon…

Following a weekend of cryptic posts, Shawn elevated our Wednesday and gifted us with the title of his upcoming single. Shawn got serious about his teasing on Friday and posted blank pastel images on social media, before taunting us with a mysterious Spotify billboard, reading, “SHAWN MENDES COMING SOON,” along with a text video calling out March 22nd and March 23rd:

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This all led up to last night when Shawn posted the cover artwork for his brand-new single online. We see a beige colored graphic with the title “IN MY BLOOD” written sideways. The only other visual we get is an understated floral arrangement near the corner. In the caption, Shawn confirmed the single’s release date writing, “#InMyBlood March 22” and also attached a pre-sale link.

#InMyBlood March 22nd

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If that wasn’t a big enough tease, Shawn then thrilled fans by announcing that the track will be released tonight at midnight!

#InMyBlood Midnight Tonight

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But something else is going on here: Shawn has told fans to be on the lookout during March 22nd AND March 23rd, so if the single is coming on March 22nd, what’s up with March 23rd?? Fans believe an update on Shawn’s third album could directly follow the release of “In My Blood,” and we’re totally on board with that theory. Shawn has been EXTRA mysterious about his new album, so of course we are EXTRA curious about it. He also teased a collab with Niall Horan earlier this year, which he promised would be coming “soon,” so we’re definitely on the lookout for that track, too!