Shawn Mendes Admits New Song “In My Blood” is About His Battle with Anxiety

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We knew that Shawn Mendes‘ new song, “In My Blood,” was going to be good, but we had no idea just how powerful it ended up being. The tune, which was released at midnight, can be interpreted in many ways, but was, according to the 19-year-old, written about his battle with anxiety.

“[Anxiety] was something that hit me within the last year,” Shawn admitted to Zane Lowe from Beats 1 Radio. “Before that, growing up, I was a pretty calm kid, super steady.”

He continued, “I knew people who had suffered from anxiety and found it kind of hard to understand. But then when it hits you, you’re like, ‘Oh my God. This is crazy.'”

The Canadian crooner takes fans through his struggles in the song’s lyrics. “Looking through my phone again, feeling anxious / Afraid to be alone again, I hate this / I’m trying to find a way to chill, can’t breathe,” he sings in the second verse.

The track is so heavy that when he plays it to someone for the first time he provides a bit of a disclaimer — “Every time I play that song for someone I go, ‘Just so you know, I’m okay. Don’t worry about me. I promise I’m okay.'”

But while “In My Blood” is incredibly heavy and raw, Shawn thinks “the best thing about it is, it’s not all down.”

In the chorus he croons, “Sometimes I feel like giving up / But I just can’t / It isn’t in my blood.”

“The whole reason I wrote this song was to be like, at the end, ‘It’s not in my blood to do that,'” he explained.

This is an extremely powerful message to everyone listening that even when you feel like throwing in the towel because things won’t get better, keep your head up and keep fighting.