Shawn Mendes Has a Doppelganger You’ve Got to See to Believe

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In what might just be the most delightfully ridiculous, WTF-worthy news you’ll feast your eyes upon today, fans have finally cracked the case on Shawn Mendes‘ doppelganger (besides all of these)… and it’s not at all what you think.

Fair warning, you’ll be needing ~stitches~ when we’re finished, so we’re just gonna get straight to the point: All thanks to the beauty that is social media, fans have collectively begun comparing THE Shawn Mendes to a goat; a real, live goat. Like… the animal that lives on a farm. Get this: A superfan by the name of Ana started this goat trend on Twitter, comparing a photo of Shawn side-by-side with a goat. The two have a similar expression on their face with squinted eyes and pursed lips, so naturally, they’re the same, right?

The photo, which Ana started as a thread on Twitter, has garnered thousands of likes and retweets among fans agreeing that the resemblance is uncanny. But the 19-year-old wasn’t done just yet — she continued the thread with another goat comparison of Shawn, this time with both seductively singing into a microphone. And now we’re fully invested.

Ana treated fans to a dozen more comparisons, all of equal enjoyment. Many photos feature Shawn and the goat partaking in similar activities, and even wearing similar accessories, like the two both rocking a full mouth of braces, wearing sunglasses, throwing up a peace sign, peeking through a fence, clenching a rose in their mouth, and doing their best Miley face. The list really does go on…

Many fans reacted to the thread with comments claiming that this really was the best thing they’d seen all while completely unable to keep their composure.

Okay, so of course Shawn doesn’t actually look like a goat, but he is a G.O.A.T. in our eyes (a.k.a. the Greatest of All Time).