Shawn Mendes Fans Accidentally Show Up to Concert a Whole YEAR Early

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Although Shawn Mendes released his third studio album back in May, he’s not going on the full world tour in support of it until 2019 because he’s busy performing at festivals all over the world for the rest of 2018. Unfortunately, several fans missed the memo that they’d have to wait a year to see the 19-year-old perform and actually showed up to the arena 365 days too soon. We’re LOLing, but also crying for them.

A man named Bob Rice drove his family all the way from Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s PPG Paints Arena on August 6 expecting to be blown away by the teenager’s performance. When they arrived, however, they quickly realized something was…off.

He tweeted, “So, we got tickets for the Shawn Mendes concert on August 6. However, getting here we realized it was for 2019. And we weren’t the only ones! We will be back next year!”

Turns out, he wasn’t lying when he said his family wasn’t the only one who made the mistake. Several other members of the #MendesArmy also showed up to the arena a whole year before the actual concert is scheduled to happen

Here’s a piece of advice for everyone out there: DOUBLE CHECK THE DATE OF A CONCERT BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!