Shawn Mendes DESTROYS Odell Beckham Jr. in Drop the Mic Rap Battle

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Last night, one of the best episodes of Drop The Mic aired when Shawn Mendes and Wide Receiver for the New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. (aka: OBJ) went head-to-head in a pretty epic rap battle. The disses and lines in the battle from both sides were nothing short of epic — but we’re pretty sure Shawn ultimately won.

OBJ first joked about Shawn’s paleness and compared him to Harry Styles, before ending the verse by joking, “I hear you’re from Toronto, but you’re really a fake because the only star from the 6 is Drake!” The crowd started cheering, and for a second we all though Odell was going to win, but then Shawn clapped back with his verse and smashed it.

Shawn first joked about Odell being called a “giant”, when he’s shorter than Shawn, himself, and then went on to rap, “I’m a nice guy, and even I don’t respect him, but let’s be honest, you’re not even the most famous Beckham”. Oh, the savagery!

Both stars went back and forth dissing each other’s craft, and then it was up to the audience to decide who the winner was, and obviously — it was our boy, Shawn.

Even though OBJ did pretty well, Shawn slayed his clever verses, and ultimately had the harder mic drop. Now if we can just get Harry Styles to come battle it out with Shawn, that’d be a VERY tough side to choose!