Shawn Mendes Donates $100,000 to Mexico After Escape from Earthquake

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Natural disasters have struck far too many times in recent weeks. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria hit hard, destroying homes and even taking lives. As of today, the death toll for all of those particular tropical cyclones adds up to roughly 185 people who were lost to the elements.

Sadly, as high of a number as that is, the number of human lives that were lost from the earthquake in Mexico is even greater. According to BBC earlier today, the death toll from Mexico’s powerful earthquake has risen to 273.

Of course, that observation is not meant to lessen the impact and devastation of any of the other recent catastrophic events; that observation is simply meant to point out the gravity of the situation in question in comparison to the other natural disasters.

Since the September 19th catastrophe, many celebrities have expressed their concerns and support for the country, including Nicki Minaj & Fifth Harmony and, of course, Shawn Mendes, who was in Mexico City at the time of the occurrence:

The 19-year-old “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” singer was scheduled to perform in the city the following evening, so he was in his hotel getting ready for the concert when the quake hit.

“The whole building was shaking pretty severely, but we were fortunate to be somewhere that was structurally sound enough to withstand it,” he said in an email with the Associated Press. “At first I didn’t know what was happening, and then pretty quickly, after about 30 seconds, I clued in that it was an earthquake. Shortly after that we heard sirens and the emergency evacuation announcements from the hotel, and were able to make it down to the street safely.”

He continued, “There were just so many people out on the streets trying to stay safe and that had been evacuated from buildings, and as we were walking saw quite a few buildings that had collapsed facades, windows shattering on the streets.”

“I want to come back as soon as possible,” he added. “It is an incredible city and the people there are so strong and resilient.”

While Shawn cannot be in Mexico at the moment, he’s trying to help as much as possible, launching an online fundraiser and donating $100,000. The money will go “directly to disaster relief in Mexico” via American Red Cross. Donate here.

Get more details straight from Shawn:

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