Shawn Mendes Denies Claims That He’s Being Abused by Touring Company

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Shawn Mendes is denying some serious claims that his touring company, AEG Live, is abusing and overworking him in order to make a profit. The rumors started when a fan wrote a Tumblr post (it has since been deleted) stating that entertainment company “is as abusive as they come.”

“They do not view their talent as human beings or children,” the user wrote. “They view them as work horses and cash cows. If they’re too sick to perform, they pump them with steroids to get them on stage, which Shawn has even acknowledged they’ve done with him. […] He’s a product they’re selling and they do not care about health, his physical or mental well-being, which is constantly made vastly apparent.”

The person compared what AEG is doing to the 18-year-old to what caused Justin Bieber to have a “public breakdown” and what ultimately killed Michael Jackson.

The Tumblr user also referenced the “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” singer’s interview with Billboard magazine in August 2016, where he stated, “A week ago, I lost my voice completely, and I was in tears. I was on the phone with my parents and screaming at my manager like, ‘How could we do this?’ And then last night I was onstage thinking, ‘I’m a rock star.’ I’ve never been so happy and excited and at the top of wherever I could be, on cloud nine. But I’ve also never been so deep in the ground ­thinking, ‘I can’t breathe,’ in my entire life.”

The former Vine star continued, “The greatest [artists] are tortured souls. I’m not calling myself great. I’m tortured because I care. I’m always upset about not doing things as good as I think I could have because I care.”

While the OG Tumblrer’s claims were enough for the #MendesArmy to freak the eff out with worry, Shawn quickly took to social media to assure everyone that things are fine and he’s completely happy with his career.

Celebrities, especially young ones, can often be taken advantage of, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case in the world of Shawn Mendes. THANK GOODNESS!