6 Celebrities Who Shawn Mendes Admitted to Having a Major Crush On

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We’re going to go out and say that Shawn Mendes is one of the best things the BEST thing to have come from Vine (RIP). We first fell in love with him when he began posting six-second clips of him singing and playing guitar on the social media platform, and when his first song, “Life of the Party,” was released in 2014, we were hooked for good.

We have seen Shawn go from an adorable 15-year-old to a chart-topping, award-winning 19-year-old in front of our very own eyes. From his singles & albums to world tours, Shawn has quickly become one of the biggest artists in Hollywood. Although he may be part of the big leagues now, it hasn’t stopped Shawn from spilling which other A-list celebs have caught his eye: