21 Shaq Singing Memes That Will Absolutely Make You Laugh ’til You Cry

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You know that moment when you hear an epic part of a great song and you just can’t help but take a deep breath and belt it out? We know you do… And guess what? So does Shaquille O’Neal! The former professional basketball player was caught FEELIN’ the music, which obviously caused some friendly jokesters to turn the screenshot into a hilariously relatable meme.

You probably never thought you’d see the day when a picture of Shaq would become one of your favorite things on the planet, but like with most Internet jokes that go viral, sometimes the most confusing ones are those that make you laugh the most.

1. We’re always ready.

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2. Feel the passion!!

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3. It’s a high one…

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4. This bop gets LIT.

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5. You just can’t resist.

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6. Classic!

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7. Think Sam Smith approves?

8. Get it!

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9. You can’t help but sing this Britney classic!

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10. Hit those high notes!!!

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11. Trio!

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12. Truth.

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13. Alicia Keys got nothin’ on you!

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14. LOL!

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15. “The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza free del-i-very!”

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16. Another SpongeBob classic.

17. You bettah SANG!

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18. The Weeknd who?

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19. YAAAS!

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20. “IIIIiiiIIIiiII…”

21. Ariana Grande ft. Shaquille O’Neal

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