Why a YouTube Beauty Guru Broke Up with Her BF After Dating for 2+ Years

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It was just under two weeks ago that YouTuber Shani Grimmond made the heartbreaking announcement that she and her longtime boyfriend, Johnathon Sauer, broke up. The beauty guru posted a picture of the couple on Instagram with the following caption:

“Sometimes life throws things at you and our chapter of doing life together has ended. I’ll always had so much love and respect for John, but we are going our separate ways. I’m so thankful for everything he has done for me, and how he made me feel like the most amazing and beautiful woman every single day. Things will get easier but I’d really appreciate if you guys don’t ask us about it online or in person if you see us and respect our privacy. I love you guys so so so much.”

John then wrote his own message on IG, which read, “Thanks so much for all your messages, it’s so overwhelming! I wish things never had to come to this, but sometimes things happen and you cannot control them. I’ll never have a bad word to say about Shani, and will always be thankful for making some of the best memories I will never forget. It was such an amazing experience watching you grow to the person you are now, and I’m glad I could have been a part of it.”

While it was clear that the couple was no longer together, no one really knew why they decided to end their relationship after dating for over two years. It took Shani some time to gather her thoughts, but she recently posted a video to her YT channel in which she explains her reason for ending things with the 25-year-old.

“Basically what happened was, I fell out of love, and it’s so hard to say because the last thing I want to do is hurt John,” the 20-year-old said while trying to hold back tears. “I had to put myself first. I f*cking hate hurting people, but I had to put myself first. At the end of the day you’re own happiness is the most important, so I decided to tell him that I didn’t see a future — getting married and having kids and stuff — with him. I didn’t feel we were right for each other; I didn’t feel like he was right for me.”

The Australian woman had nothing but great things to say about her ex and confirmed that they’re still friends and on speaking terms. In fact, Johnathon is still her manager despite the split.

“I know that one day he’s gonna find a girl that’s just gonna be so obsessed with him and is gonna love him so much and just treat him how he should be treated, because he’s the most perfect guy ever, honestly.”

We’re super upset that Shani and John decided to call it quits, but are so glad they’re still friends and wish them nothing but the best in the future.
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