Bisexual YouTuber Kicked Out of Party for Holding Hands with His Boyfriend

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Shane Dawson has come a long way since he publicly came out as bisexual July 2015. While he was once hesitant to talk about his sexuality, he now is completely open with sharing his relationship with Ryland Adams and usually receives nothing but support. The 28-year-old realized recently, however, that the world still has a long way to go when it comes to acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

The YouTube star and his boyfriend attended a Sundance Film Festival event hosted by conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren last night when they apparently got kicked out and physically assaulted for holding hands. Here’s what he tweeted immediately following the incident:

Shane also documented the aftermath of dealing with the security guards who escorted him and Ryland out.

According to Tomi, however, the YouTuber’s recollection of events is not accurate. She wrote on Facebook:

“I was taking photos after the film screening when two gentlemen approached me for a photo. I was happy to do it. I put my arms around them when all of the sudden they jumped in front on me and started kissing. They were not there to support the event. They were not there to take a photo with me. They were there to instigate and make a spectacle to advance whatever political message they placed above common courtesy for our veteran event. These are the tricks of the Left. Designed to instigate and make a scene. It’s sad they choose to play the game and make a scene when I welcomed them to take a photo with me. Security escorted them out because they were causing a scene at our private event.”

Something obviously happened at the event and is nothing but a reminder that we must work hard to promote equality and respect for all.

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