Shane Dawson Claps Back After Fan Says to Stop Giving Jake Paul a Platform

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Like you, we had our eyes glued to our computer screens last night as we watched the final installment of Shane Dawson‘s docuseries, The Mind of Jake Paul. While we personally found the series to be absolutely fascinating in SO many ways, there are several people on the Internet who are (understandably) less than pleased with the fact that Shane has given Jake such a large platform — especially after all of the offensive things he’s done in the past.

After Shane posted a tweet thanking fans for their support of the series, one upset fan took to Twitter to call him out for making the doc in the first place. Twitter user @meanspice wrote, “@shanedawson STOP GIVING RACISTS A PLATFORM.” Of course, this tweet simply didn’t fly with the YouTuber, and he responded by saying, “I just posted hours and hours and hours of content this month FOR FREE Literally F*CK OFF.”

Unfortunately, this heated exchange only prompted a longer convo between the two. Once Shane responded to the initial tweet, @meanspice explained to him that she’s been a fan of his since 2007, but that she simply doesn’t agree with the series. She said, “Ur making excuses and making people feel sympathy for someone who is RACIST. WHY.”

While she definitely does have a point, Shane simply wasn’t having any of it — mainly because he just devoted the last several months of his life to the emotionally draining series.

Shane wrote back saying, “You don’t know anyone’s heart. and if you’ve been watching me sine 2007 then you would know why i’m so passionate about helping people grow and change. i wish someone like me would’ve reached out to me back when i was making mistakes.”

Although it’s apparent that Shane had good intentions, the fan further explained that he simply didn’t go about the docuseries the right way. “Jake emotionally abused a girl not long ago and he was recently exposed for saying the n word,” she said. “And then tweeting A FAN to f*ck off when ur called out is extremely immature.” Considering Shane’s tweets are now deleted, we think he must’ve felt at least a little bit bad about their exchange, especially since he blamed it on the fact that he hasn’t slept for a whole 40 hours.

Look, whether you agree with the series or not, the truth is that Shane obviously poured a lot of himself into it, and while there’s no excuse for some of Jake’s behavior, the entire docuseries sent us all into an emotional tailspin. In other words, we think it’s safe to say that we all could use nap right about now.