8 Things to Know About Pretty Little Liars New Guy, Shane Coffey

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Did the new guy on Pretty Little Liars catch your eye the other night? No need to scratch your head wondering who he is. We’re here to introduce you to PLL‘s new cutie, Shane Coffey! Shane plays Holden Strauss, a childhood friend of Aria’s. Holden and Aria would make an adorable couple, but word on the street is Shane has been hanging out IRL with another Pretty Little Liar. Traitor! Here’s the skinny on Rosewood’s newest student.

1. Shane’s first acting gig was in 2004. He played Patrick for one episode on Summerland alongside Jesse McCartney when he was hot.


2. This isn’t Shane’s first time working with the girls of PLL. He’s also a part of Troian Bellisario‘s short film, Exiles.

3. Shane studied theater at the University of Southern California. Fancy.

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4. In addition to acting, Shane is also involved in directing, editing, producing, composing, writing, and cinematography. Can you say overachiever?!


5. Shane has already directed two movies — Drunk in Love and Before the Cabin Burned Down.


6. Shane’s alternate stage names were Shane Zwiener and Shane Zwiner, but now he’s sticking with Coffey as his last name. Thank goodness because we don’t know how to pronounce the other two.

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7. Recognize Shane from somewhere? That’s probably because he played Jimmy Nash on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. His character dated Shailene Woodley‘s character briefly until he found a condom in her purse which freaked him out.


8. Shane is a founding member of The Casitas Group, an independent theater company started in 2008, alongside Troian Bellisario. Besties!!!

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What are your thoughts on Shane Coffey? Do you think he’ll shake things up on Pretty Little Liars? Do you want Holden to get with Aria? Spill it in the comments!

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