Guess What? July is Officially Zendaya Month on Teen.com!

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If you thought the video we posted yesterday of Zendaya‘s summer tips and plans was good, oh, dear readers, that was just a little snippet of what’s to come. There is plenty more where that came from, because July is official Zendaya Month on Teen.com!

And you’re probably like, “But what does that MEAN?!” And we’re gonna tell ya…

Basically, every single day for the month of July, we’re posting a new video with Zendaya where she reveals something totally new and unknown about her. We’re talking EXCLUSIVE videos here, guys, with a few of Zendaya’s summer-fun tips interspersed. Um, best summer ever?!

Stay tuned for the first vid tomorrow (July 1!)! Are you excited for Zendaya month? What do you hope she tells us about? Spill it in the comments below!