An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Girl, Zendaya

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We know, like, all 8 million of you Zendaya fans also happen to be Teen.com fans (thanks!), so boy, do we have a treat for you. Today is Daya’s 15th birthday, and, in true Teen.com fashion, we’ve written her a poem. We are like, so gonna be BFFs after she reads this baby.

So click on to check out our birthday ode to Zendaya, and don’t forget to leave her your bday wishes, too!





Clearly, Zendaya, you’re a Teen.com fave
Which is why we did 30 Days with you. About you we always rave
So for your 15th birthday which just so happens to be today,
We’ve written you a poem. Just go with it. Ok?!

It all began when you were just a young tot
Modeling for ads and catalogs. We bet you looked hot.
Then you got a starring role on the Disney show, Shake It Up,
where you dance and sing and do tons of fun stuff.

We’re obsessed with your spunky character, Rocky Blue
But tell Bella Thorne we’re huge fans of Cece, too.
The two of them are the cutest BFFs ever.
Will we get a chance to hang out with you guys? Probs never.

Oh, and how could we forget about your music career?
“Swag It Out” is on our iPods and it’s basically all we ever hear.
We know you want to put out more music and we can’t wait.
If your new songs are anything like “Watch Me,” we know it’ll be great.

So, Zendaya, why do we love you so?
You’re tall and you’re pretty and you’re hilarious, ya know.
So on your fifteenth birthday, we wish you the best.
And hope again in the future you can be a Teen.com guest.

We should totally arrange for your fans a Teen.com meet and greet,
But until then, with you we’ll just have to tweet.
We hope you loved this poem as much as we love you.
So happy birthday, Daya! And BTW, we hope you love us too!

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