15 Weird Things You Can Learn from Shailene Woodley

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Is it just us, or is Shailene Woodley not human? Not only is her resume jam-packed for a 22-year-old — The Spectacular Now, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, plus a TV show for five seasons — but she says the most profound(ly weird) things. Either she’s born in the wrong decade, which we have said before, or she’s… something else entirely.

Throughout her many interviews over the past few months, including one of her latest for Into the Gloss, we’ve learned all about her self-proclaimed ‘hippie’ lifestyle; it’s odd, but it’s totally endearing too. Heck, how many people her age can say they can make their own medicines, huh? For more Shai tidbits, here are 15 peculiar things you can count on her for: