6 Times Shailene Woodley Had a Pretty Strange Wardrobe Malfunction

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Shailene Woodley is not your typical celebrity. She might do red-carpet appearances and grace the big screen with countless blockbusters, but the celeb normalcy ends there. Not only does the 25-year-old actress stay pretty quiet on social media, but she doesn’t even have a cell phone! And, as if that isn’t crazy enough, she once told Flaunt magazine that she gets her water from a mountain spring every month, her food from a farm, and her toothpaste and lotion from a homemade stash. Speaking of homemade, she creates her own medicines, as well as her own cheese and chocolate.

We promise we aren’t punking you. Shailene is as offbeat as they come. From banning microwaves from her life to wearing only used clothing when she isn’t at events, we think you get the idea. She’s not your typical celeb. But if you still don’t believe us, get this. She sunbathes down there when she needs a Vitamin D boost, washes her scalp only once a month, and eats clay. And while no one’s denying she’s an awesome actress, she knows she would be super happy without the career.

“If I didn’t have acting, I would be just as happy,” Shai told Marie Claire magazine in 2013. “I would probably be an herbalist, or maybe I would open a fruit stand on a Hawaiian island.” A girl can dream!

Knowing all of this, it probably won’t come as a surprise that Shailene’s wardrobe malfunctions aren’t the most typical. While a lot of celebs have a long lineup of (purposeful and accidental) nip slips and underwear flashes, the Divergent star keeps things pretty tame on the red carpet. Her mishaps don’t come from crazy fashion risks — mostly they just seem a bit clueless.