How Shailene Woodley & Theo James Made Their Divergent Moments So Sexy

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If there’s one thing that everyone loves more than the action scenes in the Divergent series, it’s the romantic moments between Tris Prior and Tobias “Four” Eaton. This couple is one of the greatest YA pairs of all time and with every film the chemistry grows between them. Whether it’s the surprising sex scene from Insurgent to all the steamy previews from Allegiant (which hits theaters March 18), these two characters are SO sexy together.

In fact, with every movie, we’ve grown more and more attached to Tris and Four’s romance and it’s all thanks to Shailene Woodley and Theo James‘ AH-mazing chemistry, which, in turn, makes it so freaking believable. Sure, Theo would be a better boyfriend than Four in real life, but when it comes to these films, Four is a total dreamboat.

It’s clear that the relationship between these two characters has grown with every movie and Theo and Shai’s relationship has followed. So how do they get those scenes with their characters so effing hot? We sat down with Shailene and Theo (read more from the interview here) and talked all about their chemistry and it’s pretty darn strong.

According to Shailene, her relationship with Theo off-screen mirrors her character’s romance with Four throughout the films. “Theo and I know each other a lot better now than we did three years ago,” Shailene told us. “It’s neat and it’s good that Theo and I weren’t very comfortable around each other in the first film as much, because Tris and Four weren’t very comfortable around each other.”



Theo agreed with Shailene’s thoughts on the beginning of their relationship. He also revealed that, although they look pretty smitten with one another from the beginning of the series, in reality, both he and Shai are way more shy and reserved than you’d expect. “I think, luckily, I’d say for both Shai and I, we’re the type of person it takes a while to know,” Theo explained.

“That isn’t a bad thing or a good thing,” he continued. “Luckily, it works for this because you’re kind of growing and getting to know the person still with the time that goes on, which is lucky in a way. I know that sounds obvious, but I still feel like we’re getting to know each other as friends as each year goes on. It’s very easy in that way.”

It definitely looks easy on screen! Come on, that Insurgent sex scene is still ingrained in our minds. The secret to the development of those hotter-than-hot scenes in both the second film and the third film is that, together, the two actors grew as people and totally supported each other along the way.

“At this point in their relationship, they should be very comfortable, because they’ve been to together for a while and they’ve experienced so much,” the Secret Life of the American Teenager alum explained. “Theo and I have as well, as far as really having each other’s backs and being partners in leading these ships.”


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So what’s the one constant in the films besides Four and Tris’ seriously adorable romance? If Shai is to be trusted, which she totally is, it’s the partnership between her and Theo that keeps everything in order. “It’s really nice to have gone from one director to then Robert Schwentke, to now another director and the constant within all of those things has been Theo, and for him, me,” she admitted.

“So we can check in with each other and we both have similar views on how we think that the movies should be told as far as retaining the Veronica Roth integrity,” she continued. “It’s nice to have a comrade in the cause.” Even though their real-life friendship doesn’t always live up to the sexiness that #Sheo shippers dream of, there is one thing that Shai can’t get enough of when it comes to Theo.

“He’s maybe the funniest motherf**ker I’ve ever met,” Shai revealed about her hunky co-star. “He’s so funny. Theo James is so funny. He’s got that perfect British humor that us as Americans could never dream of coming close to experiencing on our own.” Hot and he has a sense of humor? Sign us up!

Stay tuned for more exciting details from our interviews with the Allegiant cast!

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