Theo James Advises Shailene Woodley Against The Amazing Spider-Man 3

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Fandom Obsessed

Fandom Obsessed

While she may’ve been disheartened by her cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 originally, Shailene Woodley now seems to be looking at it as a blessing in disguise.

In a recent interview, the 22-year-old actress, who was picked to portray Mary Jane Watson in the Andrew Garfield-led franchise before the creators decided to nix her scenes, was asked whether she knew if her Divergent schedule would work with the third Spider-Man flick or not. Her response: “I have no idea and I don’t know that I would even want to do two franchises at this point now having been through [Divergent].”

And, clearly, co-star Theo James is with her on that. He adds, “That would be really intense. I mean — I guess with a franchise it takes up… Lionsgate, they’re quite keen to have a release next year, and with the summer potential quite soon beginning the second movie… Yeah, it’s quite intense. ’cause also, not only the filming, but then the press schedule, it ends up being quite a big part of your life.”

For more, watch Theo and Shailene’s interview with TotalFilm for yourself here:

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