Shailene Woodley Set to Play Mary-Jane Watson in ‘Spider-Man’ Sequel?

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Is there a new Mary-Jane Watson in town? That could be the case, as there are a number of reports saying that Secret Life of the American Teenager star Shailene Woodley has been offered the major role in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel. Though the second Spider-Man flick won’t hit the big screen until May 2, 2014, it looks like casting is already under way.

If you’re not up to Spidey speed let us fill you in: Mary Jane plays the red-headed love interest of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, with Kirsten Dunst originating the role in the 2002 box office smash Spider-Man. Now, you might be a little confused considering that Andrew’s real-life GF Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy (his on-screen lady in The Amazing Spider-Man,) but sadly, it’s a wide-known fact that Gwen dies in the comic book version of Spider-Man. Perhaps this reboot is sticking to its origins? Emma returning to the sequel still isn’t official, but we’re sure she’ll be back on the big screen with her man.

If this is in fact true, it’s pretty interesting timing considering the news that Secret Life would be ending next year just broke yesterday. That would give her plenty of time to film the sequel’s reboot.

Though 20-year-old Shailene definitely pulls off playing a teenager with ease, don’t you think she might be a little young to play opposite Andrew, who is 29 in real life? We guess we’ll have to wait and see! What do you think of this potential casting? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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