Shailene Woodley’s Changing Up Her Look for the Divergent Sequel

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With less than a week until the release of Divergent on Blu-ray/DVD, you can bet that the cast is doing some serious promo work. (FYI, you should keep an eye out on Teen for some fun goodies leading up to it. Hint, hint. Wink, wink.) So you can only imagine the amount of Insurgent questions and answers that are floating around the Internet. One Q&A that we found particularly interesting: when Shailene Woodley was prompted as to her look in the sequel.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, the 22-year-old actress explains that the blonde pixie cut she sported at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend "is what you'll be seeing:"


"I talked to the director [Robert Schwentke] because I didn't want to wear a wig. I think wigs always look wiggy, especially in an action movie. We're running so much and doing so much, I think, technically, a wig would have looked quite s*****."

Though the main reason behind her pixie cut was due to her role as cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster in this year's tearjerker, The Fault in Our Stars, she says, "I think it's cool to have a young heroine with short hair."

Co-star/love interest Theo James adds, "When I'm looking at Shai on screen, now you get a character progression in a visual way. There's a maturity and a difference between the character here and in the first movie."

For more juicy details about Insurgent, click here. What do you think of Tris' new look? Do you think Shailene should sport a wig? Or are you happy about the decision? Reveal all your Divergent thoughts in the comments!

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