Shailene Woodley & Miles Teller Talk ‘The Spectacular Now,’ ‘Divergent’ & More!

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We're sure you know by now that Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley will share the big screen in next year's big screen adaptation of Divergent, but that's not the only project they worked on together! In The Spectacular Nowout in select theaters on August 2, nationwide on August 23 — the two play high school students who unexpectedly fall for each other.

Miles' character Sutter is the self-proclaimed life of the party, while Shailene's Aimee is a bit more reserved. However, after getting dumped by his GF, Sutter ends up bonding with Aimee and it's safe to say neither of them will ever be the same. (Just a warning, the movie is rated R, so you might want to check with your parents before heading out to see it!)

Teen caught up with the two stars and chatted with them about not only their phenomenal performances in The Spectacular Now (they picked up the prestigious Special Jury Award for Acting at this year's Sundance Film Festival!), but we also got them to talk a bit about Divergent as well.

In The Spectacular Now, Shailene's character is into comic books, which leads Sutter to do a bit of research on them to get to know Aimee better. When we asked Miles if he ever did something like that for a girl, he replied:

"I play instruments and there’s a girl and her favorite song is 'Tiny Dancer.' So, I learned that on guitar and I played it for her." Shailene then playfully quipped that she was the girl he learned the song for.

Also in the film, Shailene's character mentions how opposites attract when it comes to relationships, so does she agree with that philosophy in real life? To put it simply, no. Shailene said, "I mean I think that it’s different with every single person and every relationship. We’re [Miles' character and Shailene's character] complete opposites but we attracted each other. I think every relationship brings something new to the table and you learn something new in each dynamic and I think that’s important to carry with you throughout life."

When it comes to Divergent — where the two essentially play enemies as opposed to love interests in this film — we asked how that will translate. Shailene replied, "I think it will seem like we don’t like each other but I feel like there will always be some sexual tension." Miles then joked, "I don't know, the third book isn't out yet. I think [Tris and Peter] have a child, and that's where it goes." Shailene added, "The child's named Allegiant."

On a more serious note, Miles said, "it does allow for, even though our characters may not necessarily be getting along, as actors we can still work together to get the best scene done. I was raised by two older sisters and like I love them but at the same time they used to just beat me up all the time and bully me. All those emotions are getting channeled into Tris."

Speaking of Divergent, watch the panel from Comic-Con below!

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