The Bombshell About Shailene Woodley’s New Relationship You Never Saw Coming

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Shailene Woodley is super private about basically every aspect of her life, but especially her romantic endeavors. So when we saw pictures of her and Isidora Goreshter holding hands, we were quite surprised — was Shai finally opening up to the world?! But nothing could make us react quite the way we did when we found out what was actually going on between the pair…

Despite the fact that the 24 year has previously said she “fall[s] in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are,” it turns out that she and the Shameless actress are not dating. In fact — Isidora is already married and has a freakin’ baby! A source confirmed to our pals JustJaredJr. that the pair’s relationship is strictly platonic.

“They are just best friends. Shailene even set Isidora up with her husband and they just had a baby.”

Um…oops? That does explain why the two ladies have been hanging out for YEARS now without a single dating rumor… We know they say ‘pics or it didn’t happen,’ but clearly even that phrase isn’t legit! So, could this mean the Allegiant star and her rumored boyfriend Nahko Bear are still going strong? They pair hasn’t been spotted together in quite some time, but as we mentioned before, Shailene is super private, and it wouldn’t surprise us if they’ve just continue to keep things on the DL.

People tried Shailene’s clay diet and their reactions are just as you’d expect:

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