Shailene Woodley Starring in Big Screen Adaptation of ‘Divergent’?

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It looks like Shailene Woodley is shaping up to be the queen of the box office! Last week, it was being reported that the Secret Life star was in talks to play Mary-Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel, and now, some are saying that she will star as the female lead in the film version of the hit YA novel Divergent.

Divergent takes place in a futuristic dystopian society (sort of like Hunger Games) where the population is divided into factions based on human traits. A 16-year old named Tris (presumably, Woodley) abandons her faction to join a rival one, but during the harsh initiation into the new faction, she falls for a young man named Four and then they try to find their own path in the cruel world. There is still no word on who would play her love interest, though some fan favorites include American Horror Story star Evan Peters, Teen Wolf hottie Colton Haynes and Steven R. McQueen from Vampire Diaries.

Also, Summit is the studio releasing the film (the geniuses behind Twilight!), and the script is being developed by the man behind Snow White and the Hunstman, so you know this will be good! Though nothing is official yet, we’ll keep you updated! Divergent will hit theaters on March 21, 2014, while the Spider-Man sequel is expected to hit the big screen on May 2, 2014.

We wonder if she would be able to do both at the same time? Which role would you rather see her take on? Mary-Jane in the Spider-Man sequel? Or Tris in Divergent? Or, do you think there is someone else who should play Tris all together? Start the debate in the comments!

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