Shailene Woodley Only Ate 350 Calories a Day While Filming New Movie

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We’ve heard of actors going on extreme diets to lose weight for certain movie roles, but what Shailene Woodley had to do for her new film, Adrift, was ridiculous.

The movie is based on the true story of Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp, two experienced sailors, who were caught in a massive hurricane while they were trying to travel from Tahiti to San Diego.

shailene woodley adrift diet

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“For the last two weeks I had a can of salmon, some steamed broccoli and two egg yolks every day — 350 calories,” she said of the real-life diet she had to go on in order to achieve Tami’s emaciated appearance after being stranded at sea. “It was f*cking miserable.”

Shai said she was so hungry that she was having trouble sleeping, so she would turn to alcohol to help her “pass the f*ck out.”

She explained, “I can’t sleep when I’m hungry. I would have a glass of wine to basically pass the f*ck out.”

But her intense restriction of calories wasn’t the only thing that made filming this flick difficult for the Divergent alum.

“This whole process was as beautiful as it was taxing,” she previously told E! News. “Every time that [Sam Claflin] would show up with a big smile on his face and not complain at hour 16 or not complain when we were seasick or not complain when something went awry — not only did it inspire me, but it inspired the whole crew to stand up and work harder.”

Who said being an actor was easy????