Shadowhunters Fans Buy Billboard in Times Square in Hopes of Saving Show

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After raising thousands of dollars, getting millions of signatures and even buying a freakin’ plane to fly over the Netflix headquarters, Shadowhunters fans are back at it again with another attempt to save the show from cancellation. What’s left for them to do, you may ask? Oh, just casually purchasing a billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

Angels pooled their money together and rented an advertisement that ran briefly on Friday, June 29. The electronic signs broadcasted the words “ALL THE LEGENDS ARE TRUE” and “#SaveShadowhunters,” as well as an angelic rune, to the thousands of tourists, workers, etc., walking through the bustling section of NYC at the time.

Harry Shum Jr., who played Magnus Bane on the Freeform series, saw fans’ latest effort and had a simple, yet powerful reaction.

Just days before, co-star Matthew Daddario got wind of what supporters were planning on doing and couldn’t help but be intrigued about what was to come.

It’s been almost a month since it was announced that Freeform would not be renewing Shadowhunters for a fourth season, but fans are showing no signs of slowing down their efforts to getting the network (or a different network/streaming service) to change its mind. They have a TON of reasons why the show shouldn’t be canceled, so we think it’s safe to assume the fight will continue for a long time.