Fans Buy a Literal Plane to Fly Over Netflix HQ in Hopes of Saving Show

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just Shadowhunters fans doing everything in their power to stop the show from being canceled. In addition to raising thousands of dollars, creating viral petitions and so much more, Angels have pulled out another HUGE effort to #SaveShadowhunters from cancellation. Like, we’re talking buying a freakin’ airplane, huge.

Fans all chipped in and purchased a plane with a #SaveShadowhunters banner attached to fly over the Netflix offices in Los Angeles on Friday. They are hoping that, although Freeform canceled the series, the streaming service will pick it up and continue making new episodes.

While it doesn’t appear that anyone at Netflix responded to the incredible message, Shadowhunters showrunner Todd Slavkin saw it and was absolutely LIVING.

“Long live the shadow world fandom,” he tweeted. “You guys are non stop. The #ShadowhunterPlane flew right over our office #soaringthroughthefog #writingthroughthelight #shadowhunters”

Angles have a ton of reasons why the small-screen adaptation of The Mortal Instruments series should be renewed and we highly doubt they’re going to stop trying to get their message across any time soon.