Why Malec’s First Shadowhunters ~Sex Scene~ Contributes to Rape Culture

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Every week, Shadowhunters fans wait on bated breath for Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) to appear on screen, fall in love even further and prove that they’re MAJOR #RelationshipGoals. The anticipation for last night’s pre-Valentine’s Day episode, which tackled the Shadowhunter’s desire to have sex with his boyfriend for the first time, was high, but fans’ excitement quickly turned to anger over the importance of consent.

First, Alec goes to Izzy with questions about knowing when the time is right and makes it clear that he wants to take the next step with Magnus. When the Shadowhunter greets his bae with a passionate kiss and admits his desires, the Warlock explains that he feels “vulnerable” and is worried having sex will cause him to lose his love. Alec replies, “You have nothing to worry about; I want this,” and proceeds to kiss and push him off screen.

While Malec is not exactly shown having sex, it’s definitely implied…even though Magnus clearly did not give his consent.

Saying Shadowhunters fans were pissed would be an understatement. The Freeform hit’s Showrunner, Darren Swimmer, addressed fans’ concerns after being bombarded with questions on Twitter late last night.

“We thought it was a given that Alec wouldn’t have forced anything, but a fair point that we could have made consensus more clear on screen. Consent: a big issue. Thank you for sharing your POV on this topic.”

Very true. Consent is needed in EVERY situation, no matter what. Here’s to hoping next week’s episode will dive further into this scene and show a bit more of the boys’ conversation.

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