The Shadowhunters Plagiarism Claims Are Not What You Think at All

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Yesterday, we found out that author Sherrilyn Kenyon is suing Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments creator for “trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, and trade dress infringement.” And while the Dark-Hunters writer’s claims seemed legit a few hours ago, Cassie Clare is saying that is completely bulls*it!

The YA author released a statement through her lawyer defending herself and her work and explaining the situation.

“Cassie was both surprised and disappointed that Ms. Kenyon would file this baseless lawsuit, a decade after the debut of Cassie’s books. Kenyon is wrong when she claims that Cassandra Clare or her publisher made any agreements about using ‘shadowhunters.’ Cassie never gave Kenyon any assurances regarding this and, although she would have preferred to resolve any concerns that Ms. Kenyon has or may have had, Ms. Kenyon never contacted or spoke with her. In addition many of the characters and events cited as similar by Kenyon in her lawsuit appeared in Cassie’s works prior to their appearance in Kenyon’s.”

Cassie goes on to say that Sherrilyn’s lawsuit is stemmed from a “basic misunderstanding of copyright law” and that her work is “totally original.” In fact, the 42 year old actually lays out all the inaccuracies of the Dark-Hunters creator’s allegations.

“Ms. Kenyon complains that Cassie stole her idea to use ‘normal objects…..imbued with magical properties such as a cup, a sword, and a mirror,’ but those ideas and many others to which Ms. Kenyon lays claim have long been part of our storytelling tradition from ancient times to the present… The lawsuit is filled with basic factual inaccuracies about Cassie’s work that would be recognized by any reader of her novels. For example, the lawsuit identifies a main character’s stepfather as her ‘best friend,’ alleges that the term ‘daimons’ appears in her books (the word is never used) and claims that one of her main characters is based on a Kenyon character whose similar attributes were first revealed some three years after Cassie had created and told the backstory of the relevant protagonist. Tellingly, the lawsuit failed to identify a single instance of actual copying or plagiarism by Cassie.”

All in all, Cassie and her legal team feel “expect that all of Ms. Kenyon’s claims will be dismissed” because the chances of people actually getting confused between the two series are slim to none.

Wow. If Cassie’s statement is true, this whole situation is really effed up. Who do you believe?

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