The 10 Sexiest Glee Scenes Ever

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After last night’s episode of Glee where Kurt and Rachel lost their v-cards, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who were hoping for just a little more, oh, we dunno, sexappeal. Amirite?

So to whet our appetites a little bit, we decided to take a stroll down McKinley lane and rehash the sexiest Glee moments ever. We think we’ve got all the couples covered — Wemma, Finchel, Quam, Klaine, plus one who you’re probs not expecting — and trust us when we tell you that these moments are totally up there on the sex appeal scale. But tell your mom not to worry too much — they’re still all PG-rated. Swear.

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Get started below!

1. This scene came at the end of season 1 during the Madonna episode. That “Like a Virgin” performance was a total classic. We just can’t decide which couple-at-the-time we like more…Will and Emma or Jesse St. James and Rachel?

2. Who can forget the “sweet lady kisses” between Brittany and Santana? This was back in season 2 when the girls were kind of just experimenting with their sexuality, but we know now that that smooch led to their eventual couplehood. So cute.

3. And speaking of Brittany, remember Britney? Granted the Britney Spears tribute ep of season 2 didn’t involve kissing or any mention of relationships, but Brittany S. Pearce made the best Britney Spears. And by best we mean sexiest EVER.

4. They didn’t call this season 2 episode “Sexy” for nothing! Even Wemma fans couldn’t help but swoon when Will and Holly, the sex-ed substitute teacher, shared a romantic dance to Prince’s song, “Kiss.” And ya know, that actual kiss wasn’t too shabby either.

5. Some may think that there was nothing sexy about Rachel and Blaine’s drunken makeout sesh in season 2’s “Blame it On the Alcohol,” but here’s the thing — it’s Rachel and Blaine. Aka Lea Michele and Darren Criss. There’s nothing not sexy about those two hooking up.

6. But don’t worry, Klaine fans. We all know that the real sexiest Blaine moment (aside from like, everything), was his first smooch with Kurt during the regionals ep, “Original Song.” “You move me, Kurt,” Blaine says. Um, hello, Sir Darren, you move us too.

7. And also during sectionals? Perhaps the most quintessential Quinn and Sam moment ever was when they sang “Time of My Life” at the show. New Directions tied with the Warblers during the 2010 competish, and we totes think this super sweet moment was part of it.

8. But Quinn sure does get around. Just a few eps after her sweet moment with Sam, she cheated on him with Finn at the kissing booth (and then again in the gym) in the “Silly Love Songs” Valentine’s Day ep. Then she got mono and the whole glee club found out she was cheating, but whatever. That makeout sesh was super sexy nonetheless.

9. And uh, Finn kinda gets around too. But our fave Finchel moment to date (other than this one)? Basically the entire season 2 finale, “Nationals,” where they went on a romantic date in NYCand then kissed on-stage during New Directions’ performance. They came in 12th place due to that inapprops PDA, but come on, we bet even the judges thought it was pretty darn sexy.

10. We know some gleeks might see this final moment as skeevy rather than sexy, but we just had to include Puck and Shelby’s sudden kiss in season 3’s episode, “Pot o Gold.”Next week he professes his love to the much-older teach, and we’re sort of looking forward to more sultry Pelby scenes. Are you with us?!

Ok, now it’s your turn. What do you think was the sexiest Glee moment ever? Did we leave any out? And who do you think is the sexiest Glee couple, past or present? Tell us EVERYTHING (seriously, the more the merrier) below!