After Some Serious Twitter Flirting, a Disney Channel Star Has a New Bae

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Boy calls girl gorgeous on social media. Girl responds by challenging him to a dance-off. The pair starts dating and lives happily ever after. No, this isn’t the plot summary of a new fanfiction; it’s the story of Pierson Fode and Sharna Burgess‘ relationship!

Victoria Justice‘s ex-boyfriend first reached out to the Dancing with the Stars girl back in February, calling her “gorgeous” and jokingly saying he’s a better dancer.

While many people thought the online flirting was NBD because they thought the 31-year-old was dating her DWTS partner, Bonner Bolton, it turns out the tweets were more than just fun.

“Sharna and Pierson are together,” a source told E! News. “She just took him to that James Hinchcliffe race they both posted about on Instagram and were acting affectionate like a couple there. She was at Pierson’s birthday party last week. He even visited her while she was on the road during the DWTS tour months ago.”

MONTHS ago??? Looks like the rumored new lovers have been ~flirting~ with each other for longer than we thought.

Pierson seemingly nabbed his celebrity crush, just like these stars: