Twitter Thinks Sephora’s Makeup Sponge Looks Like a Penis

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Like you, we’re always looking for new, top-notch beauty products, and Sephora is usually our go-to place to achieve this. However, this time the beauty company really did the darn thing by releasing what they call the “Orange Crush Sponge Set.” And, although the sponges were originally intended to look like seashells, they actually look a lot NSFW.

Sephora Penis Sponge


Based on the photo above, you can probably understand why the Internet is having a field day over these sponges, which are described as “bouncy and soft” on Sephora’s website. And even though the company can say that these blenders are shaped like shells, it’s clear that most people are thinking something way different:

And while some people just couldn’t take the sponge seriously AT ALL, others are actually eager to buy it!

So we’re all in agreement, then? It looks like a penis? Okay!

Regardless, the beauty brand insists that there are legitimate reasons for the item’s ~interesting~ design. The description says that “the sponges have multiple ridges and points, as well as a flat cut edge on the base to apply makeup to larger areas of the face.” While we completely understand the benefits in terms of getting the best coverage, there’s no way we’re going to be able to apply our foundation with this sponge without bursting into a fit of laughter. Sorry, Sephora! You made a product that is making the Internet LOL hardcore.