8 Senior Year of High School Expectations and What Actually Happens

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You finally made it; It’s senior year!! And while your last year of high school is iconic in so many ways, it’s also not always exactly what you expected it to be. And by ‘not always,’ we mean pretty darn often.

Keep reading to see if your senior year exceptions were just as lofty as ours…

1. Expectation: Teachers definitely won’t make you do any work!

Reality: They do.

2. Expectation: And even if you do get work during the day, they won’t give you homework!



Reality: You’ve never gotten so much homework in your life!

3. Expectation: People will treat you differently now that you’re a senior.

Reality: No one cares.

4. Expectation: You’ll get so many cool senior privileges!



Reality: You mayyyyybe get one or two, and they’re not even that great.

Snark Squad

Snark Squad

5. Expectation: Since you worked so hard during junior year, you can slack off a bit.

Reality: Colleges still look at your first semester transcripts.

Surviving College

Surviving College

6. Expectation: Your parents will give you more freedom because they know you’re going off to college soon.

Reality: They’re extra strict because they’re panicking about you leaving.

7. Expectation: You’re going to be 100 percent stoked to leave for college.

Reality: You’re actually kinda terrified.

8. Expectation: You won’t miss your high school at all.

Reality: It takes about a week before you miss it HORRIBLY.

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