Send Us Your Amazing Spider-man Questions for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield!

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It was a good day in the world of when we got word that we would be interviewing real-life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield about THE movie of the summer, The Amazing Spider-Man. We know. Four whole minutes in a room with each of them is like everyone’s pipe dream in life. But we can’t do it all on our own ya know. We want you to help us out with the questions!

Like we did back in May for Snow White and the Huntsman, we’re having our dear readers (that’s you!) submit their own q’s for Emma and Andrew. So if you’re dying to know what kinda undies Andrew wears or how Emma got so gorgeous, be sure to leave that in the comments below! Jk. Don’t waste your time. We’re not gonna ask them that.


Sony Pictures

But for realz, you can submit a question to us by leaving it in the comments or by tweeting us @teen with the hashtag #spidermanteen by Friday, 6/8 at 10am ET. We’re gonna read all the ones you send and will pick our faves to ask!

So make sure you brush up on Spider-man by rewatching the trailer here, and then enter for a chance to meet Emma and Andrew at the premiere! Go go go!

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