Selena Says “Love You Like a Love Song” Is About the Honeymoon Stage, AKA Justin Bieber

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Seriously now, this is just a tease. First Selena Gomez debuted a teaser for her new vid, “Love You Like a Love Song,” and now we just got our hands on this interview where she talks about the video and the inspiration behind it, what exactly the song is about, and the outfits and makeup she wears in it. Hey, Sel, can’t you just release the dang thing already?

But we prob shouldn’t complain, because in this interview Selena confesses that the song is about the “honeymoon stage” of a relationship and that she is “maybe” in love. Cue the Bieber references…

The full video debuts later tonight on Disney Channel, so stay tuned for it tomorrow! Are you excited to see the video? Do you think the song is about Bieber? Spill in the comments!