10 Fashion Crimes Selena Gomez Committed During her WoWP Years

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Selena Gomez looks flawless every time she steps out of the house. Whether she’s slaying the scene in a gorgeous gown on a red carpet, or simply looking like a Free People model as she runs to the grocery store, the “Hands To Myself” singer has basically nailed the idea of developing (and owning) a personal style. Buuuut it hasn’t always been that way.

The now-23-year-old star grew up in front of the world, which means everyone saw her heartbreaks, struggles and, you guessed it, style crimes. You may think nothing is quite as embarrassing as having your undies exposed to the entire world, but that’s only if you never wore a graphic-t-shirt-white-patent-leather-boots-combo. #JustSayin

We love you ENDLESSLY Selena; but we’re so happy you eventually figured out how to kill the style game!