Selena Gomez Tour Is Gonna Be A “PG-13 Rave” Which Basically Means “Awesome”

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We’re pretty sure that, by now, you’ve listened to all the tracks from Selena Gomez‘s latest album, When the Sun Goes Down, which is TOTALLY different from her previous albums. Well, according to Sel herself, her upcoming tour is supposed to be even more… “cheeky,” than her past concerts, too. So should we expect a complete change in Selena’s image a la Miley Cyrus?

Based on what Selenita’s saying about her upcoming tour, all signs point to…

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…NO. We could never see that happening. But do expect it to be a little more edgy than her past tours. Selena told Billboard.com:

“We’re going to have wardrobe changes. There’s going to be dancers — I will not be dancing most of the time. They’ll just be back there getting the crowd pumped up. We’re going to have fun screens in the background. It’s just gonna be a huge party. I wanted to make it like a PG-13 rave.”

Selena’s seven-week tour — featuring Allstar Weekend as her opening act! — starts July 24! Are you going to get tix? What do you think of her new album so far? Tell us everything in the comments!