Are Selena’s Tour Costumes Too Sparkly? Sexy? Slutty? Peep the Pics!

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We already know how awesome Selena Gomez‘s We Own The Night Tour is thanks to this video and this Britney Spears tribute, but we had no idea that the costumes she wore on stage were so — how do we say this — fabulous? Sparkly? Pretty? A little sexy? It’s like she’s trying to make all the Beliebers jealous by saying, “Look at me! I’m so skinny and pretty and look even more amazing in glitter!” Hmph.


WATCH: Is Selena Gomez’s Britney Spears Tribute Too Sexy?

What do you think of Sel’s on-stage looks? Peep the pics below and tell us — are they pretty? A bit too sexy? Too sparkly? Which one’s your fave?