Selena Gomez Tweets Cryptic Messages, Unfollows Justin Bieber On Instagram After PFW

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Remember when we said Selena Gomez seemed like she was over any past Justin Bieber drama? Well, we were way wrong! Shortly after Sel and The Biebs jetted to Paris Fashion Week from vacationing in St. Martin together, things turned sour.

First, Selena abruptly left Paris (and Justin).

Then, she posted a message about feeling alone and not good enough.

Fans quickly rushed to her aide, tweeting encouraging messages of support. But one fan’s note got Sel’s attention, which led to a heartfelt reply.

And to top off the suspected drama, Selena unfollowed JB on Instagram at some point during this ordeal.

Welp, we guess it’s safe to say Jelena is officially off. For now…

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