What Selena Gomez Will Look Like in 55 Years

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Happy birthday, Selena Gomez! We’re a little early — her bday’s on Sunday the 22nd, FYI — but no one ever put a time limit on celebrating, right? And get this: she’s turning the big 2-0! (Sigh, it seems like only yesterday she was playing Hannah Montana’s arch enemy, Mikayla; now she’s all grown up and playing roles where she has to show off tons of cleav!) But even though she’s just becoming part of the Twenty Club, we can totally imagine what she’ll look like in 10, 20, 50 years from now. Here’s how we think it’s gonna go:

Selena at (soon-to-be) 20 years old
For real, how can anyone be this pretty? It’s not fair!


See how Selena’s gonna look!

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