Selena Gomez Makes Fun Of Justin Bieber’s Mustache

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Selena Gomez stopped by Sirius XM’s radio show “The Morning Mash Up” to talk about “Who Says,” but the radio host only wanted to talk about Biebs. We don’t blame him.

When he asked Selena if she encourages Justin Bieber to grow his mustache (or, um, “mustache”), she said that she definitely does not. And she made sure to let him know that she doesn’t like it, too. We love sassy Selena.

Here’s the scoop…

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Radio host: I noticed Justin Bieber does that… Do you encourage the mustache?
Selena Gomez: I actually don’t.
Radio host: Did you tell him that?
Selena Gomez: Of course I did.
Radio host: But he’s doing it anyway?
Selena Gomez: Yeah.
Radio host: Part of being a man is growing a mustache… It’s like girls like to mess with their hairdos.
Selena: Well… he needs a little more time… No, I like [facial hair] it. You got to commit. You can’t just have a little one.
Radio host: A soul patch?
Selena Gomez: I don’t like that.